Lo encontraron! Captain Obvious a su servicio

Luego de tantos años, por fin se pudo encontrar al archifamoso Captain Obvious en carne y hueso.

Captain Obvious

Si no tienen idea de quien es el Captain Obvius visiten:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captain_Obvious parece que acaban de borrar el artí­culo, asi que rescato la definición gracias al cache de Google:

Captain Obvious is a recurring pop culture fictional superhero who announces already self-evident truths. Consequently, the term has become a sarcastic expression which refers to someone who states the obvious or makes painfully self-evident statements. It implies the speaker is slow-witted, having thought the stated (obvious) fact was not obvious at all. The term has been used in many online publications and printed literature, and was used as early as 1998. The Captain Obvious character has appeared in media such as newspapers, books, film, television, radio, and comics.

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  1. Hola que lastima que no dejaste ninugna explicacion, ya que la pagina fue borada de wikipedia!

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